My skin looks and feels dull, flaky and tight. What should I do?

Some of our clients occasionaly feel their body looks and feels dull, flaky and tight. They want to know which treatment they could have to solve this problem and what homecare they should be using afterwards?

I think everyone’s skin is feeling a little like this after the awful cold winter weather. We would definitely advise you to have a full body Exfoliation Therapy. Using Dermalogica hydro-active mineral salts for a full body exfoliation therapy from head to toe, you will feel fully invigorated and refreshed. Home care products from the Dermalogica range are Stress Relief treatment oil or Ultra Rich body cream (just your preference oil or cream).

You will find that your skin will look, feel and smell amazing. This Treatment is on offer throughout March/April for only £25 with one of our therapists.