Acne FAQs

Adult Acne:

What does Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Kate Perry have in common? They have the condition Adult Acne!

Over the last two years we are finding an increase in the number of clients asking our advise on what products or facials they should be using for Adult Acne. The symptoms can vary from the occasional spot to a wide spread condition. As well as outbreaks on the facial area, the condition can also occur on other parts of the body such as the chest, shoulders and back. The huge emotional impact this condition brings can often lead to effect daily working or personal lives.

There is no quick fix to cure acne but we can implement the best course of action and results, both within the salon and home.

According to the NHS 80% of cases of adult acne occur in women. Our hectic daily lives and jam-packed schedules can be playing a part in our skin. ”
Stress and busier lifestyles is one area of thought to trigger adult onset acne as the long-term of Androgen hormones, produced by the Adrenal gland, can cause symptoms such as inflammation and excess oil which are precursors for acne conditions” says Sharon quote from The Guild News.

Common types of Acne:

Acne Vulgaris
The most common type is acne. It affects the area of the skin with densest population of sebaceous follicles -the face, the upper part of the chest and the back. Suffers presenting this acne with pustules and comdones, and in some severe cases cysts can appear.

Hormonal Acne
Triggered by a rise in hormones. This type is usually identified by red, angry and uncomfortable skin. Papules are hard, sore lumps and usually appear around the lower face, particularly around the time of female ovulation or menstruation.

Acne Rosacea
Can look very similar to Acne Vulgaris and the two types are often confused for one another. Often affects people with fair skin and blue eyes, especially those aged 30-60. It appears as a red rash, which is normally confined to the cheeks, nose and forehead. The redness is often accompanied by bumps, pimples and skin blemishes.

Treatments That Can Help:

Dermalogica’s Medibac Clearing range is a targeted treatment system formulated specifically to treat, clear and prevent adult acne. The range includes a comprehensive choice of home care products to implement as part of your daily skin regime.
The Clearing skin wash from the range is a non-irritating, naturally foaming cleanser which clears away excess oil without stripping the skin.

Special Clearing Booster, a topical treatment for individual spots contains 5% benzoyl peroxide concentrate fortified with zinc sulphate, tea tree and sage to emlimate bacteria whilst helping to accelerate breakout clearing. Other products available are Clearing Mattifer,Concealing spot treatment,Overnight Clearing gel, Sebum Clearing Masque and Skin Purifying wipes.