What summer products do you recommend?

NEW WHITE Brightening day cream
After 30 days of treatment, the complexion is visibly brighter thanks to 2 combined effects:

  • The SPF 30 has a protective action against UV rays that slows the rise of melanin during the day.
  • An anti-pigmentation effect thanks to Melanoxyl and Stabilised Vitamin C.
  • Melanoxyl: Slows UV-induced melanin production and reduces initial melanin levels in the skin.
  • Stabilised Vitamin C:  Helps brighten the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase which causes skin pigmentation and protects the skin from free radicals with its antioxidant and anti-free radical properties.

Guinot- Lait Solaire Hydratant SPF 15: Moisturising protective body lotion 
  • Protecting your skin is one of the most important jobs we all have especially in the summer months.
  • The lotion protects the skin from the sun’s harmful effects and helps to build a gradual tan.
  • This light and creamy lotion moisturises and soothes the skin.

Guinot- Crème Solaire Hydratante SPF 20: Moisturising protective face cream 
  • This cream protects sensitive areas of the face from UVA and UVB rays. It helps to obtain an even tan while protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful effects.It does not leave a ‘white film’.

Baume Protecteur Lèvre SPF 20: Protective lip balm
  • The balm protects the lips from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and prevents dryness.
  • The balm leaves a gentle and shiny protective film on the lips, making them water resistant while keeping them soft and supple

Vita Liberata Tanning skin care products 
  • Pre and post-tanning skincare for preparation, perfection and enhancement. Includes hydrating exfoliator and luxury moisturiser.
Please don’t hesitate to contact the salon for any professional advice!  Enjoy your summer and be protected at all times.