Easter Catch-Up

We hope you had a Happy Easter and we have missed you all!! We thought we would update you on what the Salon can provide for you and the teams hot tips.

How much better do we all feel when we are maintaining our skin, from an Eyebrow Shape to a Facial Treatment.

Therefore we hope you are enjoying our home care videos on social media, it’s an opportunity to see Caroline and hear her voice! Look out as we will be putting more on to help you maintain your skin and nails until we re open. If you contact us we will try and prepare a video for your area of concern.

For advice or the purchase of retail products and gift cards, text message, 07801445606 or Facebook . If you would like to prepay towards a treatment we can put the money on your account. Some clients have started doing this. Caroline or Liz will do our best to respond quickly.

We have contacted clients with appointments during lockdown and we would like to thank you all for your patience.

Our contribution to the NHS is donating bedding from our homes and mini Guinot handcreams to a lady in Haslingden. She is sewing wash bags for NHS staff.

Our girls are eager to share their hot tips with you and a pic in case you’ve forgot what they look like.

Cara’s tip is “there is no excuse not to be using one of Guinot’s exfoliators twice a week followed by a Guinot mask (for your skin type)”

Caroline’s tip is “Make sure you are looking after your body by using Guinot body exfoliators as this helps improve blood circulation, the appearance of cellulite and is excellent for in growing hairs. Once out of the bath or shower make sure you apply the Guinot Mirific Oil, that heavenly scent of Passionflower or Guinot Body Lotion.”

Charlotte’s tip “During lockdown we are all taking advantage of this lovely weather to take long walks. Before you go out , (half an hour beforehand if possible) apply a Guinot moisturiser and a small amount of UV Shield factor 50, Nude Finish SPF 15 or Hydra Finish SPF 15.”

Elizabeth’s tip “ We all enjoy a pedicure and Caroline has treated my feet to a pamper. Apply Guinot Longe vie Pied to renew the skin and reveal a more youthful appearance. The cream nourishes, hydrates, purifies and soothes the skin.”

Molly’s tip “To maintain your Acrylic nails file your nails down and apply a base coat or a Jessica nail colour. Watch our videos on GELeration removal and discover Jessica Phénom high shine colour that dries in 15 minutes.”

Finally, this period will hopefully benefit us all and reduce the number of Coronavirus cases and deaths therefore we must all stay at home, stay safe until, as the Queen said “we meet again”

Caroline and Elizabeth, Cara, Charlotte and Molly