Caroline Wilkinson: Salon Owner / Beauty Therapist

I have been in the beauty industry for 18 years and owner of Polished for 12 years. My real passion is for skincare, I love the results when you have treated a client with a Guinot facial a month ago and a client comes in and her skin looks like she has just stepped out the door of your salon. My core skill is a skin specialist.

The salon has been awarded Guinot Crown Status for the fifth year, all my team have up-date training on all new facials and homecare products. This is a huge achievement for the salon and my personal career. Me and my team of staff are committed into making Polished the best beauty salon in Rossendale.

In 2016 we commenced online booking with My Local Salon, times have changed where you would ring up the salon and ask for advise. The aim is to offer another method of contacting us and read our reviews. So you can make your appointments whilst bathing the kids or when you actually sit down with a brew and have access to your calendar.

If you are on Facebook you can see all the latest offers, and new treatments and products in the salon. We also offer that you can make an appointment through Facebook too. we are all tech up!!

Elizabeth Wilkinson: Salon Owner

As a mum and daughter team of owners we have a good combination of skills, beauty and accountancy. I am an M.A.A.T, using those skills gained on a day to day basis. The 9 years have sped by developing the business. Technology has also advanced so you can keep in touch with your clients via the various social media apps on a regular basis. Our new clients are either client recommendations or via the website/social media. I am involved in decision making in respect of introducing new ranges and training. A well motivated team is a happy one! The one role I love is greeting clients and making sure their salon experience is relaxing and meets their expectations.